I just started a new blog called Annie's Anecdotes! It's a DIY progject blog of mine and I really love it! Other than that, I've been trying to get super organized this summer. (Cleaning clutter, getting in shape, stuff like that.) Happy blogging!'


TV SHOW (binge watching): Grey's Anatomy :D
ANIME: None right now. Probs will complete Utena next.
TV (current): Pretty Little Liars, Teen Wolf


CURRENTLY: The Mark of Athena by Rick Riordan
NEXT: The House of Hades by Rick Riordan

I also have a couple of summer readings for AP Literature this upcoming school year, so those will sneak in eventually!


Sushi, Tahereh Mafi + Ransom Riggs, Chinese Takeout, Daft Punk, Lana Del Rey, planning for my future (and my awesome birthday party lmao), summer shopping, swimming, etc..

went on a cute date with boyfriend today! we ate sushi at our favorite place and then took a short drive to the beach and laid down in the sand and played in it. :D 

"I don’t think people love me. They love versions of me I have spun for them, versions of me they have construed in their minds. The easy versions of me, the easy parts of me to love."


tumblr is kind of an unhealthy environment to be in sometimes because often it’s so black and white

either you’re right, and you’re an amazing god worthy of praise, or you’re wrong, and you’re a horrible monster who deserves to die

i just saw a post that said that if you don’t understand how minimum wage and art commissions work, then you’re “the worst kind of garbage shit trash”. like… after a certain point it’s time to calm down


i thought perez hilton was paris hiltons damaged and slightly less famous brother 

lmao just realized i’m probably losing my best friend to college after senior year and i’m flippin CAN’T WAIT TO START THIS BEAUTIFUL NEW ADVENTURE IN MY LIFE SAD AND ALONE


send this to your crush with no context

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i don’t know why all of a sudden i’m posting on tumblr about this instead of twitter but w/e for old times sake huh

"I think it’s official, i’m in love with Summer.”

and i feel like all i’m doing is ruining my relationships and that’s the last thing i want to do but i can’t help it i just can’t hlep it and i’m sorry :C

it’s like this constant pressure on my chest or an empty feeling. and soemtimes i’ll feel happy and sometimes i’ll feel really REALLY sad and upset over stupid things and a lot of the time i just feel nothing. i feel empty like i have nothing to look forward to or do or anything. it’s a numb feeling and i hate it. i hate it because i know what feeling happy and normal is and this is the exact opposite and i know what i’m missing and i just wanna be excited to live again ya feel

do you ever just want to die i do. me. i want to die rn and i’m so stupidly feeling dumb and like trash and stupid god i feel stupid i hml JESUS.

i just feel unwanted and this is DUMB